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How to get started in competitive Paintball

To start, YES, competitive Paintball does exist and it’s incredibly fun ! What is it? There is a number of different formats, variations and levels of competition. You could compare it with Cricket where there is T20, One day Internationals … Continue reading

Buy my own Paintball Gun in Wagga

I’m so excited to update this section of our website since new paintball laws commenced on July 1, 2019. Now, the system for purchasing your very own marker is better than ever. I’ve listed the steps below you will need … Continue reading

Organise a paintball group in Wagga

Often, when you are considering options for a Birthday Party, A Bucks Party, A Work Social event or Christmas Party the idea of Paintball will be discussed. Paintball does take a little bit of planning, but it absolutely worth it. … Continue reading

Beat your mates at Paintball

First things first – Paintball with your mates is supposed to be fun. There’s no sheep stations on the line and everyone walks out having had a good time and keen to exaggerate their stories about how many people they … Continue reading

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