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Organise a paintball group in Wagga

Often, when you are considering options for a Birthday Party, A Bucks Party, A Work Social event or Christmas Party the idea of Paintball will be discussed. Paintball does take a little bit of planning, but it absolutely worth it.

So, How do you organise a paintball group in Wagga?
Firstly, if you would prefer to speak to a person, Call us between 8am and 8pm on 0437 765 328 and we can step you through the process. We’ve been doing this for over 5 years and have handled bookings from 4 people to 80 and everything in between for a whole range of occasions. We’re sure we can help you get your group organised.
Otherwise, if you are the person amongst your mates who always organises everything… read on. I know in my group of mates there is 2 of us who plan most of our social outings with mates (just quietly, the 2 of us is the 2 owners of Project Paintball, we’re pretty organised!). These days, it’s easier to organise a group than ever before. If you’re THAT person in your circle of friends, you get to take advantage of our organiser bonuses… upgraded guns… extra paintballs… Interested?
Remember, no matter what date you pick, you will almost certainly never get ALL of your friends available on the same day, at the same time. We suggest picking a date a few weeks in advance that suits you best and then…
Step One: Call us + Check Availability
There’s no use doing a lot of planning, only to find out the date you booked has already been booked out. Contact us either via this form, via Facebook or via phone to make sure your preferred date is available.
Step Two: Use Facebook Groups + Facebook Messenger

Use one or the other, OR BOTH.  Use the power of social media to do the organising for you.

Ideally, it would go something like this. Using Facebook Messenger, create a group chat and send out a message along these lines – “Hey, I’m organising a group to play Paintball on ??/??/2017 at Project Paintball for ‘XYZ Occasion’. I’m creating an event on Facebook that will have all the details, let me know if you’re keen”

Create the event on Facebook and Invite your mates. Your friends will want to know where, when, and how much it will cost. Using the events page, set Project Paintball Wagga as the address, select your date and time and post them a link to our packages so they can find out what suits them best – [].

Don’t forget to send a text to that one mate who doesn’t have Facebook, too.

Step Three: Deposits

Every good paintball field asks for a deposit. For us, we ask that you pay $30 per person. So once your friends begin responding to your message and your group begins taking shape, let everyone know they need to pay $30 to confirm their spot. We need 6 players or more, for you to have a private booking, if you have less, you can join in with other parties if the times align.

Deposits are great for you, and for us. It let’s you know that your mates are serious, and that they won’t let you down and it lets us know exactly how many players to expect. This $30 is payable to us at least 1 week before your booking, so we suggest giving your friends a deadline of 2 weeks beforehand to get it to you, because everyone has a mate (or 5) who are late to pay… This $30 will come off your package price on the day, so if you select the Recruit Pack for example which is $99, you will only pay $69 on the day.

Step Four: Confirmation
Call and give us the good news. Your mates are keen and you’re ready to pay the deposit to confirm. We can arrange payment in person, online via direct debit or over the phone using a credit or debit card, whichever suits you best. Once this is done, all that is left to do is…
Step Five: Get Keen (Oh, and send a reminder!)
Get everyone keen. We love the groups who arrive to the field talking trash. Banter between mates about who is shooting who on the day makes for a quality day out. Use your group chat in the last week or so to begin the banter. Send a paintball meme, video or .gif around and remind everyone again of the date and time (people are busy, people forget things).

If you follow these steps (pretty easy, right?) you will have a group of people ready to play with little to no hassle at all. It takes around 5 minutes to set up the Facebook Messenger chat + Facebook event and it will literally keep track of everything for you and you get the rewards of a better gun, MORE paintballs and maybe some insider knowledge from your referee on how to win some games. Ok, maybe we’ve said too much…

Hope to see you at the field soon.

 – Dwayne Nicholls

7 Gillard Rd,
Wagga Wagga

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