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You’re the most important person in your group when you visit Project Paintball Wagga. You have some responsibility… but with responsibility, comes great rewards! Do you want to play Paintball for FREE?

Yep, FREE! The more mates in your group – the more you get… For starters, EVERY group organiser receives a gun upgrade. Shoot more paintballers per second, and shoot more accurately than all your friends to prove your skills.

Then, there is the free paintballs!

Bring 7 – 11 mates. Receive 200 Free Paintballs

Bring 12 – 15 mates. Receive 400 Free Paintballs + Sniper Upgrade

Bring 16 – 20 mates. Receive 600 Free Paintballs + Sniper Upgrade

Bring 20+ mates. Receive 800 Free Paintballs + Crazy Upgrade

So now that you’re keen – what do you need to do?

A little bit, but we will help!

  • Download this Group Organiser Flyer, “GroupOrganiserFlyer2.pdf” the best way to get your group together!
  • Organise $30 per person deposit
  • Ensure players under 18 fill in Parent Consent Form
  • Inform your players on what to wear, and what to bring
  • Get as many friends together as possible!
  • Make sure everyone arrives on time, ready to go.

The bigger the group, the more paintballs you get for FREE!

Is your group ready to go? Contact us today on 043PROJECT (0437765328) and book your date!

7 Gillard Rd,
Wagga Wagga

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