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Buy my own Paintball Gun in Wagga

I’m so excited to update this section of our website since new paintball laws commenced on July 1, 2019. Now, the system for purchasing your very own marker is better than ever.

I’ve listed the steps below you will need to complete. You can only complete this process if you are 18 years old and over.


Until a paintball specific safety course is created, you will need to complete a General Firearms Safety course for Longarms. In Wagga, you can complete this at either:

Power Ammo
21 Copland St
Weekdays at 9:30am by appointment.
Call 69213994 to book. Price is $100.

Wagga Firearms
10 Mortimer Pl
Saturday mornings.
Call 69254867 to book. Price is $75


Once you have received your Safety course certificate, you will apply for a paintball marker permit using this form. You will want to apply for a 5 year permit, which will cost $75.


Email your certificate and your form to [email protected] … If there are no delays or issue with your application, after a few days you should receive your new paintball permit.


Once you have your permit, you can buy yourself your first paintball marker. There is so many options and styles of paintball markers that if you’re not a regular player, we suggest you get in touch with us and come and check a few out to see what suits you best. You can buy your new paintball marker directly from us.  Please note, some markers are still illegal under the new laws.


Whilst the new rules are much better than the previous system, the use of paintball markers still has a number of rules and subsequent penalties that can apply if misused. Here is the key facts.

  • You must only use a paintball marker at a paintball venue.
  • You must store your marker in a locked metal container in an inoperable state when not in use.
  • You can only sell a paintball marker via an approved paintball field or firearms dealer. Private sales are illegal.

Fines of $55,000 and terms of 2 years imprisonment can apply for misuse.

If you have any other questions regarding the new laws, you can reach out to discuss them. Call on 0437 765 328, send a message on Facebook or Instagram or use the contact form on our website. I look forward to seeing you and your new marker at the field soon.

– Dwayne Nicholls

7 Gillard Rd,
Wagga Wagga

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