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How to get started in competitive Paintball

To start, YES, competitive Paintball does exist and it’s incredibly fun !

What is it?

There is a number of different formats, variations and levels of competition. You could compare it with Cricket where there is T20, One day Internationals and Test matches. Sure, they’re all cricket, but they all have different rules, lengths and the style of play varies greatly from one to the next.

In Paintball, the most common format you will find in Australia is commonly known as Speedball. Typically in 3 or 5 man teams (occasionally 10), the game can be broken down simply into an  elimination game where your team must reach the other end of the field to score one point. If any part of you, or your equipment is marked by a paintball during the game, you are eliminated. The team with more points within the time limit, wins.

Of course, there is more to it than that, but if you’re looking to get started in Wagga, you’re in luck. We have over 20 regular players as a part of our team – “Asylum” – who regularly play across Australia and have plenty of wins and podium finishes in events at Open, Semi-Pro and Amateur levels. This group of players can help you from the technical sides of things with skills based drills and training to helping with what equipment to buy and what to avoid.

Here is an old highlights video from an Australian event in 2015 to give you an idea of some of the action you can expect:

How can you get started?

Really, there is 2 pathways but they both start out with you reaching out to us here at Project Paintball. You can contact us via the website, our Facebook page or on 0437 765 328.

#1 – The first way to give tournament paintball a real taste test, is to play in one of our beginners events. No experience necessary, no equipment necessary, no expectations. These events are 3 man teams (You + 2 mates) and there is no sheep stations on the line. The events happen 4 – 5 times per year and our local team Asylum referee and run the day to help you have fun and learn about the game.

To find out when the next event is on, get in touch with us or keep an eye on our Facebook page.

#2 – If you can’t wait for the next event, which could be a few months away and you want to get started right now you can always jump in and begin training with Asylum. The team is often out at the fields twice a month practicing drills, skills and playing games against one another.

A number of the team have spare equipment that can help you get started and the field has plenty of equipment we can rent you to get you on to the field. There is no need to be intimidated and unless we feel you’re ready, you won’t be thrown in the deep end. You can train as often or as little as you like however if you hope to progress and travel with our team to Sydney, Melbourne and elsewhere for events you will need to be training often as some of the competition in Australia is fierce.

Again, to find out when we’re training next, contact Project Paintball Wagga and we’ll get you all the information you need to know.


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