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We’ve currently got 7 fields ready for your paintball experience. In 2015 we did a huge overhaul of all our fields, so if you’ve played before, EVERYTHING has changed. In 2019, we have more changes on the way. If you want to play traditional Paintball favourites like Capture the Flag, or act out your movie favourites in our trenches OR play like a pro on our 5 man SupAir Competition Field, Wagga Paintball facility Project Paintball has you covered. Our Fields include;

  • Concrete Speedball; Our beginner field, plenty of cover. Coloured blocks for our unique ‘Twister’ game – seen nowhere else in Australia.
  • The Warzone; Especially designed for the end of day ‘free-for-all’. There’s nowhere convincing to hide, it’s time to put up, or shut up.
  • The Saloon; Our western themed battleground, home to our 100% unique ‘Dash for the Cash’ game. Can you get the Moneybags back to the Bank?
  • Carmageddon; 10 cars, over 600 tyres – battle over the flag, raise your teams colours to establish dominance.
  • Metal Mayhem; Large fencing panels cover this symmetrical field, home to our exclusive “Detonator” game!
  • SupAir; Play like the pro’s, on our tournament paintball field, fully netted and enclosed and under lights so you can play at NIGHT!

Plus, in the coming months we will have a brand new field for you to battle it out on. With over 50 game types, on our 7 fields, there is something new every time for you at Project Paintball Wagga!

7 Gillard Rd,
Wagga Wagga

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